NOT about Coronavirus

With everything going on around the world with the Covid-19 virus, I can’t seem to escape it. Every news article, email, and television commercial seems to be about the pandemic. So let’s get the quick update out of the way: In Spain we have been in full quarantine with Marshall Law for two weeks, which means I haven’t left the house in two weeks. I did have the privilege of being interviewed by Bilal, creator of the Words and Bridges podcast. IIf you are interested in hearing about the Coronavirus situation in Spain, click here to listen. 

Now that that is over, I wanted to write a post NOT about Coronavirus to spread some positivity. This is going to be an interactive one. I am going to share 5 things that I am grateful for this week and I would like you to do the same. Feel free to share this post on social media to spread some positivity on your news feed.

This week I am grateful for:

  1. Social Media: No, not Instagram and Twitter…These past two weeks, I have limited my screen time and greatly reduced the amount of time that I spend on Facebook and Instagram. So what I am grateful for are the applications that connect me with my family and friends. My entire family has a group chat on Marco Polo, an app that connects us by video. It is more personal than a normal group chat and everyone can participate, even Granny and the babies! I am grateful to be able to talk to my family and watch my younger cousins grow up from afar!
  2. Tea: One of my new favorite pastimes is drinking a tea while staring out of the window. It sounds depressing, but I promise it is not. It is like my designated reflection time and it reminds me to slow down and helps me to refocus my thoughts. 
  3. Family: Although I am always grateful for my family, these past couple of weeks have been some difficult ones for me and my family has been my rock. They are my support system and I thank God for them every single day. 
  4. Amazon Prime: WOWOW. Because we can’t leave the house, shopping is not an option for us. Just as this quarantine hit, I ran out of hair products and Amazon Prime came to the rescue. Anything that you may need that you are not able to purchase in person, they bring straight to your house and it is a godsend. 
  5. Coloring books: Another way that I spend time and relax is by coloring mandalas and other geometrical shapes. I have 50 colored markers and I could spend hours coloring. It is a great way to help clear your mind and relax.

Okay, these are my 5 for this week. Now it is your turn! You can comment on this post, or on my Instagram or Facebook with 5 things that you are grateful for this week. I want to know!

5 thoughts on “NOT about Coronavirus

  1. Great ideas here Mara.
    Hmmm, 5 things I’m grateful for this week…I’ll leave the major ones out. So, let’s see:
    1. Video streaming services for entertainment and background noise
    2. My collection of books
    3. The extra time I have available to do things, but also to be able to slow down
    4. Living in a place that’s not so crowded, so I can go on strolls without encountering people
    5. Tea and natural honey (although I’m not looking outside the window when I’m drinking it lol)


  2. 1. Health. Just so thankful.
    2. I’m also thankful for Marco Polo and the access that it has given me to my family.
    3. My family. Period, point blank.
    4. Puzzles. I’ve rediscovered how good it feels just to find a piece that matches
    5. Being employed


  3. I love this, a little joy is necessary and gratitude is key. Here are mine:1. My quarantine flatmates. If I’d had to spend the lockdown with anyone else it might not have been so great. As it is, they are awesome.
    2. Time to write. After a first moment


  4. Ups, it posted incomplete..
    2. Time to write. After a first moment of sturggling to find words, I’ve been able to spend time doing what I love.
    3. Books. True, it is taking me ages to actually finish any, but I am still glad I can turn to them at any time.
    4. Family and friends. Technology keeps us in contact despite the distance and being able to chat with them is invaluable.
    5. Health. It is so easy to take for granted.


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