Spain in Color Update

Many of you have been asking how I have been holding up and what phase Spain is in with regard to the Covid-19 situation. First of all, thank you to everyone who has reached out and secondly, I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to this, because it is impossible to answer this question concisely. 

For those of you who do not know, Spain has been on total lockdown for over 60 days. The entire country has been forced to stay indoors, with the strictly regulated exception of outings for essential things (meaning only one person can go in a car to the pharmacy, the hospital, or the grocery store). As of last week, Spain is finally beginning to implement outings in phases. For example, we are now allowed to leave our house for up to one hour per day for exercise. We must stay within a half-mile radius of our residence. 

“How are you holding up?”

*deep sigh* I am okay. I am holding up and pushing forward. I am a free-spirit and I was not expecting the lockdown to last for over 2 months, so this has been a tough transition for me. I have sort of accepted that this is my life now. I am eager to be able to go out more as the weeks go on, and finally reach our new normal. Routine is my key to staying sane. I wake up, eat breakfast, work, exercise, eat lunch, watch a movie, work a bit more, and go on a walk. That is my day. It is very redundant, but somehow, knowing what is coming next helps me cope with the uncertainty of this situation. Redundancy sucks for a free-spirit like me, but all that being said I am SO grateful that me and everyone else around me are healthy. I am grateful for the nice weather and that I have a yard. I am thankful that I have enough food and resources to sustain myself during this time. So yes, I am okay, but I am very much looking forward to the end of this.

“How is Spain?”

I feel like Spain is sad. I go out of my way to not watch the news or follow the death toll, but there are many many sick people here. Countless people have lost family members and close friends. It is a devastating thing that this country (and every country) is dealing with. Also, everything is closed. This means that everything takes much longer than normal (which was already longer than I was used to). 

However, I must say that I am so impressed with how everyone has pulled together and remained strong. There is a lot of encouragement being spread around and (most) people are actually following the rules. The country is slowly opening back up and we are all learning to appreciate what we have and not take the little things for granted. There is a famous song that has gone viral called “Resistiré” meaning “I will endure.” I strongly believe that and I know that sooner or later (hopefully sooner) we will be able to create a new normal and move forward in life. 

So grateful for this beautiful garden and the sunshine

Long story short, I’m good, Spain is good. We’re going to get through this. What are things like in your country? How are you holding up? Let me know in the comments below or on my instagram @SpainInColor

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